High Temperature Valves

High Temperature Rising Plug Valves

Anderson Greenwood/Tyco,               Model: HM1B-S-4-P-S-H-SCL     (Discounted by 50% of whole sale value)


Anderson Greenwood/Tyco,15 NTP,

Model: HM1B-S-4-P-S-H-SCL, D25291.003

Metel seated, 6000 PSI @200F, 1000 PSI @ 1000F.

Large bore, hard seat, grafoil pack bonnet lock, 316 AGOC

These high temperature valves are new and were purchased from disscontinued minning project here in Australia.

We have a large quantiy of these quality high temperature rising plug valves avalible, we have all test reports and Australinan standards certifications to go with them.

They are currently being sold for 50% of whole sale value representing a substantial saving to you.

Click here for Manufacturers PDF file

High Temperature Needle Valves

Hoke, Series:2811F8Y, Union Bonnet Needle Valve


Hoke, Series:2811F8Y, Union Bonnet High temperature Needle Valve,

Forged Body with stem back seat,

Long cylinder life with temperatures to 370c.

Click here for Manufacturers PDF file

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