We currently have various types of  Steel Plate including:

Mild Steel & Galv. Plate

 Many differant size sheets avaliable in thicknesses of 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm & 5mm.

Steel Checker Plate Sheets

Many differant sizes avaliable in 2.1mm & 3mm
4 x large sheets @  8mm x  6000mm x 1800mm

Hastalloy Cladded Plate

Dimensions:         30mm x 6400mm x 1000mm
                               30mm x 6937mm x 1000mm

 Hastalloy C-276 Cladded Plate is a strong, hard and highly corrosion resistant steel plate. Hastalloy plate is used for submarine hulls, reactor components and other applications that are subject to extreme corrosion environments.

              Hastalloy Clad Steel Plate


Composition Chart for Hastalloy C-276 Cladded Plate

  FE               4.7 Cr         14.5 - 18.5
  MO             15 - 17 CO          2.6
 C                  0.01 Mh          1
Si                  0.08 V             0.35
Remainder is  Ni (+50% approx)
Hastalloy  SG   6.94
Hardness   90 HRB
Density       8.89 g/cm3
Tensile strength     790  Mpa      115   Ksi
Thermal Conductivity    9.8 W/m-k
Electrical Resistance 1300 n-m

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            Steel Plate




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