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Arc Welding Rods Arc Welding Rods Arc Welding Rods

Arc Welding Rods


New Surplus Arc Welding Rods


New Surplus Arc Welding Rods,

All in sealed boxes

Large range of brands and types avaliable including:

 Arc welding rods


: Ferrocraft 61, 3.2mm and 4.0mm

: Ferrocraft 16TXP, 3.2mm

: Ferrocraft 22, 3.2mm and 4.0mm

All in 5kg packets @ $25.00 per pack


Lincoln Electric

Conarc 49c, 4.0mm x 350mm, 1.6 kg packs 

@ $8.00 per pack

Fleetwood 5P, 4.0mm & 3.2mm in 22.68 kg tins 

@ $60.00 per tin

Fleetwood 5P, 2.4mm in 22.68kg tins

@ $60.00 per tin



OK 48.04 AWS S/SFA 5.1,  4.0mm x 400mm in 5 kg packs

@ $20.00 per pack


Selling for under half retail price, even cheaper for multiple purchases!


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