Cable Ties & Band Clamps

mounting applications insulation mounting Utilex S/S Band Clamps

Utilex S/S Band Clamps Model H30


Utilex Stainless Steel Band Clamps


Stainless Steel Band Clamp


201 Grade S/Steel

12.7mm x 30 metres

Simply cut banding to desired length, attach clamp and pull tight.

We are selling these for $50 per roll which is a saving of over 60%

Ideal for applications where you need to:

Securely attaches materials to items

-Secure and identify insulation on pipelines and conveyance systems.

-Used to hold insulation in place on storage tanks in many and veried production facilities.   


Tightly attaches items to poles

-Used in a variety of communications applications to hang and secure cable runs and equipment to antenna towers.

-Mount utility boxes on poles for use in many different municipal, telecommunications and uitlity applications.  

Benefits include:

Low Profile Vibration resistant
High strength stainless steel Speed of installation
Lightweight  Easy application
Locks under full tension Withstands corrosive environments
Broad size range  Easily conforms to any shape   
     Small diameter clamping abilities  


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