Our extensive range of Laser Light Show Systems and Smoke Machines are shipped staight from the manufacturer to us, we purchase in bulk so we can pass the savings on to you.

A laser light show consists of pencil-thin laser beams that
are capable of projecting onto screens, walls, buildings, trees, water and even clouds. Controlled by software programmed into the units or a computer interface, the images and 3D effects can be anything from written messages to fully animated picture sequences that rotate, spin, zoom, strobe, and interchange with up to four differant colours. Most units have active sound synchronisation of laser movement to music beat.


Laser lighting and effects are a superb vehicle to draw people into nightclubs, special events and parties. When the laser light show begins, all eyes are riveted to the spectacular effects.

Progressive new and established musicians have  
incorporated a laser light show into their stage designs in
recent years,  The special effects produced by the laser
further establishes an aura of excitement already created
by the performers on stage.

Our laser lighting units come in a variety of sizes from small units perfect for a house party, right up to larger more powerful units suitable for night clubs and concerts.

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